Storhaug - Tasta

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Storhaug - Tasta

1-0 Jonas (Simon), 2-1 Simon (Eivind)


Eureka bane, Midjord

Cold, rainy and windy.

kl. 20:20

Wind blowing from every angle and darkness hovering the Eureka and its environs was today's theme. It appeared 'Thor' was angry for no apparent reason (actually he was angry at the fact that there are too many 'bomstasjon' in Stavanger than the last time he visited).

The atmosphere in the dressing room was a bit calm today (Johannes was missing). Everyone trying jerseys and shorts on as usual, taping, rubbing (musle relexant; Simon, Hammed). Today's formation was 4-4-2 (Armandos, Håkki, Jonas, Torgeir, Stian - Oddi, Hammed, Kristian/Mathias, Qvam - Eivind, Simon).

The game started earlier than planned p.g.a floodlights. Storhaug had a good run for the first 10 minutes which resulted into a goal (YES). A tap-in by Jonas as a result of Simon's delicious corner. We continued making life difficult for the Tasta boys until 15 minutes into the game when a Tasta midfielder put a cross behind out back four (offside) which led to an easy goal for the away team. Simon continued dazzling and mesmerizing the Tasta's defense while Eivind was winning the battle of agility and stamina at the same time. 25 minutes into the game, Tasta got a second goal from a cross on the left side (2-1). No way! Svein said. Storhaug stood up to the challenge which led to our second goal created by Eivind and clinically executed by Simon (high-pressing, just like Liverpool). The game continued (2-2), while we created some chances, Tasta needed only one chance to score which they got from a corner kick awarded to them (3-2). Back to square 1! The referee was the deciding factor in Tasta's fourth goal by claiming  not to have seen an obvious foul committed by Tasta's defender on Jani Q! While some of us (Storhaug boys) stood there complaining the ball was already at the back of our net. Again!! The first half ended full of drama, 2-4 (Tasta ahead). The half time pep talk was quick, then we headed back in. The game started quietly, then it began to rain (not nice). Storhaug made couple of subs which brought the game back to live but it appeared too little, too late beacause Tasta got another goal from a throw-in which was the 'nail in the coffin' for Storhaug. Richie had a half chance to have made the scoreline looked 'presentable' but the wind was against us (winks*). Final whistle. The game was over. The referee was awake, finally!!!

We gave our 100% and everyone deserves a pat on the back. Thanks to the guys who came out to cheer us on (you guys are awesome)! We forge ahead boys!!!

P.s: Jeg kunne ha skrevet referaten på norsk men jeg hadde ingen lærer som kunne ha hjulpet å rette min feil, derfor bestemte jeg meg å skrive på engelsk. SKÅL!!!

3. Simon
2. Jonas
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